Story behind this clock kit:

I have daughter and she like to play with blocks. Unfortunately all she makes is later disassembled and can not be used or is not practical purpose. When she needed desk lamp for homework I designed lamp kit for her what later became as DIY kit available here and on other shopping places. People asked me if there is some smaller and more available kit for beginners, so I designed one. Simple and elegant wall clock. I have included parts to make stand for it to use on shelf if You do not like to have it hanging on wall. As it is with lamp kit ii have included all parts what could be needed to make it.
This is original Baltic birch  plywood wall clock with optional stand for use on shelf. Kit is fully complected with everything You need to assemble it. This is silent clock mechanism.
Size approximately:
Base diameter: 25 cm (9, in.)
Hour block depth: 25mm (1 in.)
Operate on 1x AA type battery (included in kit).


Kit in box.
Inside of box
All parts
If You want very personal gift it is possible to have engraved base. This option would add some extra 5€ and 3 days to complete. If You are on that – ask a question.
For those who are not in "do it yourself" mood, kit can be already assembled and available for immediate shipping for little extra cost. Just ask a question.
Here You can download assemble instruction
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Price: 22.00€

Shipping: 3.00€

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